Person NameDundee; Chalmers-Ardler Kirk Session; 1851-; Presbytery of Dundee
EpithetPresbytery of Dundee
ActivityChalmers Free church was formed following mission work undertaken by St Peter's, St David's and St John's Free churches in the Scouringburn area (later Brook Street). The first service was conducted on 18 May 1851 and was held in Blinshall street School. On 11 November 1852 a church opened in Hunter Street to house this congregation which was called Chalmer's Territorial Church. Chalmers Free church was sanctioned in 1854 as a Church Extension. It continued missionary activities to England, Israel, India, Romania and the Arab World Ministries. On 23 October 1968 the congregation moved to a church in Turnberry Avenue and was granted full status in 1972. In 1990 the Chalmers-Ardler Trust was founded to work alongside the congregation to provide help concerning unemployment, low skill and income levels, lone parents and the elderly. Chalmers Free became Chalmers United Free in 1900, Chalmers in 1929 and Chalmers-Ardler in 1968.Chalmers-Ardler church is in the Presbytery of Dundee, which was in the synod of Angus and Mearns until the abolition of synods in 1992.See 'The Kirks of Dundee Presbytery, 1558-1999', by Ian McCraw, (Friends of Dundee City Archives Publication 3, 2000).
Corporate NameChalmers-Ardler Kirk Session
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