Person NameLochee West Kirk Session; 1824-; Presbytery of Dundee
EpithetPresbytery of Dundee
ActivityA preaching station was established in 1824 and became a congregation of the United Associate Secession Presbytery of Forfar on 15 June 1826. The church on the High Street opened on 1 February 1827 and was enlarged in 1856. A new church was erected at the junction of High Street and Coupar Angus Road in 1871 and the former place of worship sold. A hall was opened in 1883. Lochee West church was rededicated in 1971 and renovated from 1956-1960. Lochee United Associate Secession church became Lochee United Presbyterian in 1847, Lochee West United Free in 1900 and Lochee West in 1929.Lochee West church is in the Presbytery of Dundee, which was in the synod of Angus and Mearns until the abolition of synods in 1992.See 'The Kirks of Dundee Presbytery, 1558-1999', by Ian McCraw, (Friends of Dundee City Archives Publication 3, 2000).
Corporate NameLochee West Kirk Session
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