JurisdictionPresbytery of Dundee
Person NamePresbytery of Dundee; West Kirk Session; 1999-
ActivityWest church was formed by the union of Roseangle Ryehill and St Peter's McCheyne on 22 September 1999. Roseangle Ryehill was formed by the union of Roseangle and Ryehill on 3 September 1980. Roseangle was formed by the union of St John's and St Mark's on 12 September 1968. St Peter's McCheyne was formed by the union of St Peter's and McCheyne Memorial on 24 August 1982.West church is in the Presbytery of Dundee, which was in the synod of Angus and Mearns until the abolition of synods in 1992.St John's At the Disruption of 1843, the congregation of St John's or Cross Kirk, the Fourth Charge of Dundee formed St John's Free church. The congregation found a temporary place of worship in a machine loft until a Free St John's vestry was completed c 1844. This church was sold in the same year that the new church in Perth Road was opened in 1884. Refurbishments were carried out in 1903 and further improvements made in 1939. Following a schism in 1864 concerning the decision to appoint a successor to the minister, members of the congregation broke away to form Free St Enoch's church. This charge later joined the Church of Scotland. St John's Free church became St John's United Free in 1900 and St John's in 1929. St Mark'sSt Mark's church opened on 7 June 1869 and was created a parish on 3 July 1871. Following enlargement, the church was reopened on 18 January 1880. A new hall was constructed in 1936. The church building is A-Listed.RoseangleAfter the union of St John's and St Mark's in 1968 the minister of St Mark's was charged with the united congregation which continued to worship in St John's church. The buildings of St Mark's church were purchased by the Gate Fellowship.RyehillRyehill United Presbyterian congregation was formed in 1876 and Ryehill United Presbyterian church opened in 1880. Ryehill United Presbyterian became Ryehill United Free in 1900 and Ryehill in 1929.Roseangle RyehillAfter the union of Roseangle and Ryehill in 1980, the congregation retained the Roseangle buildings and Ryehill church was converted into flats by a housing association.St Peter'sSt Peter's was opened in 1836 and was disjoined from the parish of St John's for which it had been intended as an extension. At the Disruption in 1843 the church became St Peter's Free and the congregation retained the church building. St Peter's mission was begun in 1857. The clock tower and stone spire was erected in 1839, a clock installed in 1872, the church was refurbished in 1886 and stained glass windows added in 1919. St Peter's Church of Scotland was replaced by St Peter's Free in 1843 and became St Peter's United Free in 1900 and St Peter's in 1929. McCheyne MemorialIn 1870 St Peter's Free mission erected a building to be known as The McCheyne Church after Robert Murray McCheyne, the first minister of St Peter's. McCheyne Memorial Free church was sanctioned in 1871 and the building enlarged in 1899. In 1900 McCheyne Memorial Free became McCheyne Memorial United Free and McCheyne Memorial in 1929.St Peter's McCheyneIn 1982 St Peter's and McCheyne Memorial united to form St Peter's McCheyne. The newly formed charge retained McCheyne Memorial church as a place of worship. The building was partially renovated in 1996 and is B-Listed.WestFollowing the union of Roseangle Ryehill church and St Peter's McCheyne church on 22 September 1999, the congregation continued to worship at the former Roseangle Ryehill church.See 'The Kirks of Dundee Presbytery, 1558-1999', by Ian McCraw, (Friends of Dundee City Archives Publication 3, 2000).
Corporate NameWest Kirk Session
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