Person NameBrown and Tawse Ltd.; 1881-; Iron merchants, Dundee
EpithetIron merchants, Dundee
ActivityPeter Saunders Brown and James Tawse purchased D. and W. Robertson, Iron Merchants and its premises at Exchange Street, Dundee, and commenced business in 1881. The company conducted trade with shipyards and engineering establishments. They entered the export market and built up connections throughout Europe. In 1898 Brown and Tawse obtained control of Fraser and Fraser Ltd. George A. Tawse, son of James Tawse, joined the company in 1897 and set up the firm's office in London in 1903. In 1917, Brown and Tawse was incorporated as a Private Limited Liability company. James Tawse died in 1927 and P.S. Brown in 1940.
Corporate NameBrown and Tawse Ltd.
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