Person NameDuncan family; family
ActivityAdmiral Adam Duncan, (1731-1804), defeated the Dutch admiral De Winter, off Camperdown in 1797 and was created Baron Duncan of Lundie and Viscount Duncan of Camperdown in 1797. He married Henrietta, daughter of the Rt. Hon. Robert Dundas of Arniston, Lord President of the Court of Session. Their son Robert Dundas Duncan (d. 1859), second Viscount of Camperdown, was created first Earl of Camperdown in 1831. He married Janet Dalrymple in 1805. The second Earl of Camperdown, Adam Duncan, was born in 1812. The third Earl of Camperdown was Robert Duncan-Haldane (b. 1841).In 1797 Robert Dundas Duncan built a mansion in Liff and Benvie parish, Forfarshire, and named it after his father's victory at Camperdown. Camperdown superseded Lundie House in the parish of Lundie as the seat of the Duncan family.
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