Person NameSlessor; Mary (1848-1915); missionary in Nigeria
Epithetmissionary in Nigeria
ActivityMary Mitchell Slessor was born in Gilcomston, Aberdeen on 2 December 1848, the second of seven children. Her mother was a member of Belmont Street United Presbyterian Church and was deeply interested in the Calabar Mission on the West Coast of Africa. Having drifted into difficult times, the Slessor family moved to Dundee in 1859. From the age of 11 Mary worked in the textile works of Messrs Baxter Brothers and Company. In 1875 Mary offered her services to the Foreign Mission Board with her heart set on the Calabar Mission. She was accepted as a teacher for Calabar and left Dundee in March 1876 for three months of special preparation in Edinburgh. In August 1876, at the age of 28 she sailed from Edinburgh to Liverpool to board the 'Ethiopia' for the west coast of Africa. At the Calabar Mission Mary worked teaching, developing the mission, caring for children and unhealthy people and in many other ways. In 1898 she was sent back to Scotland, taking several of the children in her care and causing quite a stir upon arrival at Waverley Station, Edinburgh. She returned to Calabar in 1899 and died in 1915 in Nigeria, aged 67.See 'Mary Slessor of Calabar, Pioneer Missionary' by W.P. Livingstone.
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