Person NameDundee Fire Brigade; 1835-
ActivityPrior to 1835 various insurance companies in Dundee utilised firemen to protect properties which they insured, in order to offer a service to their insured and also to reduce their losses. The Dundee Fire Engine Establishment was instituted in 1835 funded by public subscription which continued annually until 1850. The Establishment was staffed by eighteen volunteers, all of whom were trade workers. In 1850 the Police (Scotland) Act, 1850 (13 & 14 Vict., c. 33) made the Fire Brigade the responsibility of the Police Commissioners to be funded by rate payers. In 1900 the New Central Fire Station, West Bell Street, was opened and the first permanent staff formed. In 1917 the last horses were used by the Fire Brigade. In 1941 the Local Government Fire Brigade was suspended and the National Fire Service operated until 1947. The Fire Services Act restored the local Fire Service and reorganised administration. The Angus Fire Brigade, inaugurated in 1948, had its headquarters in Dundee. The Angus Fire Area Joint Committee represented Dundee, the County of Angus and Arbroath.
Corporate NameDundee Fire Brigade
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