Person NameOffice of the Lord Provost of Dundee; 1892-
ActivityThe office of Lord Provost of Dundee, the Chief Magistrate of the Council, originated with the formation of the burgh of Dundee in 1190 or 1191 by a charter of King William the Lion. In 1692 the Chief Magistrate was referred to as the 'Lord Provost of Dundee'. However, during the eighteenth century the simpler term 'Provost' was reverted to. In 1887 the Council decided to petition the government for Royal Authority to use the term 'Lord Provost'. In 1892 Queen Victoria conferred the title of Lord Provost upon the Chief Magistrate of Dundee by Royal Warrant 'for all time coming'. The town council celebrated this official recognition by staging a grand banquet on 11 March 1892. Under the Dundee Corporation Act, 1892, the Lord Provost of the City gained the responsibility of 'Lieutenant', answerable to the Queen for ensuring that the militia or defence force was in an efficient and ready condition should they be called upon. The Local Government (Scotland) Act, 1973 (c 65) authorised the continued use of the title of Lord Provost by the Chairman of Dundee District Council, as did the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994 (c 39).
Corporate NameOffice of the Lord Provost of Dundee
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