Person NameCox Brothers; 1841-; jute manufacturers, Dundee
Epithetjute manufacturers, Dundee
ActivityThe Cock or Cox family were owners of the linen works in Lochee since the early 18th Century. The younger son of the earliest James Cock, the founder, formed the Dundee Banking Company with George Dempster before falling heir to the linen works himself. In 1810 his son James took over with success but died in 1848 having signed the business over to his son in 1827. This James Cox worked hard to make the business modern and profitable and in 1841 took on his three brothers Thomas, William and George as partners. Cox brothers as the firm was now addressed, became well known. In 1845 they introduced power looms and extended the factory site, calling it the Camperdown Linen Works. This later became Camperdown Jute Works. James Cox became town councillor when he was enrolled as a burgess in 1868 and became bailie for 3 years. In 1872 he was elected provost. He put around £10,000 into the building of the Tay Bridge but when it collapsed in 1879 he became director of the North British Railway Company. He died in 1885. Thomas Cox, meanwhile, had put money in the Oregon Railway Company and William and George had some expertise in power looms. George patented a self acting yarn winding machine in 1855. Cox Brothers itself was the biggest of the giant companies next to Baxters in Dundee, employing over 3,000 people in its vast works. The Textile industry in Dundee grew fast in a very short space of time and was tremendously important to the city, as was, therefore, the Cox Brothers firm. Cox Brothers became one of the biggest jute manufacturers in the world. Between 1850 and 1868, the Camperdown works were built and were the largest jute works in the world. The famous 'Cox's Stalk' was the 282 foot high chimney. They mainly dealt with other companies in Glasgow and Liverpool but also dealt with others in Wigton, Newcastle and Manchester. Between October 1844 and June 1845 the Cocks changed their name to Cox.
Corporate NameCox Brothers
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