Person NameRotary Club of Dundee; 1921-
ActivityThe Rotary movement was founded by Paul Harris (1868-1947) in Chicago on 23 February 1905, The idea was that men from different professions were more likely to become friends as they were not in direct competition with one another. They aimed to promote fellowship amongst members of the business community, to promote the ideal of service in the lives of members and to promote the adoption of high ethical standards in business life. Initially the members met in rotation in each others' places of business, hence the name 'rotary' club. The wheel was adopted as the emblem of the club. More rotary clubs appeared throughout the USA and Canada and the first convention of Rotary Club International met in 1910. The movement reached Ireland and England in 1911 and Scotland in 1912. The Rotary Club of Dundee was founded in 1921 in affiliation with the British Association of Rotary Clubs. From 1946 the club published the newsletter 'News, notes and notions'.
Corporate NameRotary Club of Dundee
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