Person NameDick; Thomas (1774-1857); Dr, Broughty Ferry
EpithetDr, Broughty Ferry
ActivityThomas Dick, 1774-1857 was born in the Hilltown, Dundee on 24 November 1774. His father, Mungo Dick, was a small linen manufacturer. From the age of nine Thomas Dick became interested in astronomy. At the age of sixteen, he worked as a school assistant in Dundee and in 1794 entered the university of Edinburgh and studied philosophy and theology. He set up a school, taught at the Secession school at Methven for ten years and founded a 'people's library'. He recommended such establishments in five papers appearing in 'Monthly Magazine' in 1814, and a few years afterwards a society was organised near London on Dick's principles of 'Literary and Philosophical Societies, adapted to the middling and lower ranks of the community' and of which he was elected an honourary member. Following ten more years' teaching in Perth he built a small cottage with an observatory and library at Broughty Ferry, near Dundee in which he wrote many works on science, philosophy and religion. Union College, New York conferred an honorary degree of LL.D upon him and he was admitted to the Royal Astronomical Society on 14 January 1853. He died on the 29 July 1857, aged 83.See 'Dictionary of National Biography'.
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