Person NameWedderburn family of Pearsie; family
ActivityThe estate of Pearsie, with its mansion house, lay four and a quarter miles NNW of Kirriemuir, near the right bank of Prosen Water, in the parish of Kingoldrum. It passed into the Wedderburn family by marriage in 1737, and remained with the Wedderburns until 1950, apart from a period in the eighteenth century, when it was confiscated from Sir John Wedderburn, who was hanged in London in 1746 for his part in the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745.In 1829, David Graham succeeded to the estate on the death of his uncle, Charles Wedderburn. David took the name Wedderburn, as required by the entail. He never married, nor did his brother John, who succeeded to the estate on David's death in 1859. The two brothers were inseparable, very alike, and were known as the 'cheerable brothers' for their sunny personalities. John died in 1870, and the estate passed to a cousin, Katherine Stormonth, who married Rev. James MacLagan and became Mrs MacLagan Wedderburn. In 1950 the estate passed into the hands of James J. F. Kemp, Earl Granville
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