Person NameClan Donald Lands Trust; 1971-
ActivityThe Clan Donald Lands Trust was founded in 1971, with its aims being: 'To erect and maintain a clan museum on the clan lands on the Isle of Skye for the purpose of fostering clan sentiment and interest and the encouragement of education of members of the clan and the general public in the history of the Highland Clans and the Clan Donald in particular and the collection and preservation of records and traditions and objects of historic interest bearing on the history of Clan Donald.' The Trust bought the Sleat estate of Lord Macdonald, which had to be sold to pay death duties after the death of Alexander Godfrey, 7th Lord Macdonald in 1970. The Trust has restored part of Armadale Castle, Skye, its gardens, created the Museum of the Isles, and established other activities to appeal to visitors to Skye.
Corporate NameClan Donald Lands Trust
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