Person NameCommissioners and Trustees for the Forfeited Estates in Scotland; 1715-1726
ActivityFollowing the Jacobite rebellion of 1715 Parliament passed the Forfeited Estates Act 1715 (1 Geo. I, c.50) vesting in the king the real and personal estates of those attainted of high treason committed before 1 June 1716. Thirteen commissioners were appointed to enquire into the location and value of such estates and to consider any claims againast them by creditors or others. There were seven commissioners for England, Wales and Ireland and six for Scotland, who held some preliminary sittings at Westmisnter before dividing into two separate bodies, whose activities were largely distinct.Under the Sale of Forfeited Estates Act 1717 (4 Geo. 1, c.8) the estates were vested in the Commissioners to sell them for public benefit. Estates that had been valued were to be sold by auction to the highest bidder, beginning with those for which no claims had been entered. At October 1720 thirty estates remained unsold. Under the Sale of Forfeited Estates Act 1727 (13 Geo. I, c.28), the remaining functions of the Commissioners were transferred to the Barons of the Exchequer, and the Act directed that their records should be delivered into the Court of Exchequer.MORE INFO WILL BE SUPPLIED FROM NAS: E-CAT PROJECT IN DUE COURSE
Corporate NameCommissioners and Trustees for the Forfeited Estates in Scotland
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