Person NameEyemouth Dean of Guild Court
ActivityDean of guild courts were specialised burgh courts with building control powers in Scottish burghs. They developed from merchant guilds where the dean of guild had jurisdiction over certain aspects of burgh life including trade and commerce, regulation of weights and measures, property boundaries and good neighbourhood. As a result the dean of guild developed as a building control authority, first in Edinburgh, where by the mid-seventeenth century anyone who was intending to build had to submit a plan for approval to the court. From 1862 Town Councils were permitted to set up Dean of Guild Courts and from 1892 all town councils were required to set up Dean of Guild Courts, which had powers to impose conditions relating to public health under the General Police and Improvement Act (Scotland) 1862 (25 & 26 Vict, c 101). Dean of guild courts continued as the building control authorities in burghs until their abolition in 1975 (Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, c 65).
Corporate NameEyemouth Dean of Guild Court
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