Person NameGalashiels Incorporation of Fleshers; 1706-
ActivityThe Galashiels Incorporation of Fleshers became established in October 1706, when Sir James Scott of Gala, the proprietor of Galashiels, granted the fleshers permission to elect a Deacon and two quarter-masters to administer their incorporation. They had to choose three suitable members at their annual meeting, from whom Sir James or his heirs would chose the Deacon. Thereafter they and the new Deacon were to meet and elect the quarter-masters and other office-bearers. There were also quarterly meetings. No-one was allowed to carry out the trade of flesher until he had been admitted as a freeman of the craft and had paid £10. Thereafter he had to pay an annual fee of 16s, payable at Martinmas and Whitsunday, which was used to provide for the poor. Any infringement of their rules was liable to a fine. Other than by serving an apprenticeship, only the freeman's eldest son, or someone who married a freeman's daughter, or who was voted in by all the members, could become a freeman.
Corporate NameGalashiels Incorporation of Fleshers
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