Person NameTweed Commissioners
ActivityThe River Tweed Commissioners were established prior to 1805, and are charged, under the Tweed Fisheries Acts of 1857, 1859 and 1969, with the preservation and increase of the fish in the Tweed and its tributories and the prevention of illegal fishing etc. The Commissioners are governed by a Council of 81 members (38 are elected by the Fishery Proprietors and 43 are appointed by the local councils - including members of local angling clubs), who are led by a Chairman and a Committee of about 8-12 members of the Council. The Committee meets monthly between the two annual Council meetings. The Commissioners are responsible for the policing and administration of the river, and the stock management is taken care of by the Tweed Foundation, which is a charitable trust which was set up by the Commissioners to develop the river's fish stocks and conduct research. The Foundation is governed by a board of trustees and the River Tweed Commission's Chairman and Treasurer also act in that capacity for the Foundation. Funding comes from membership fees, donations and grants, and the Foundation can call on the voluntary Technical Advisory Group for expertise on scientific and technical problems.
Corporate NameTweed Commissioners
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