Person NameBorder Union Agricultural Society; 1820-
ActivityThe Border Agricultural Society was established in 1813, with the aim of improving the breeding of stock and agricultural methods. Tweedside Agricultural Society was established in Berwickshire in 1811, and the two societies amalgamated in 1820, to form the Union Agricultural Society. The meetings to be held at Kelso for two years and then at Coldstream or Cornhill for a year, in rotation. The new society was to have an annually elected President, four Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Committee, with a quoram being three members. All members were to pay subscriptions in advance. The society organised the bringing in of the best available bulls, rams and stallions to improve the breeds of their members and Exhibitions or shows where prizes or Premiums were awarded for the Best of Breeds. In 1832 the Society held a joint meeting with the Highland and Agricultural Society. In 1833 a Ploughing competition was instituted, and from 1834 it was agreed to also have an Exhibition of agricultural seeds and roots which would compete for Premiums. The Society also re-established Markets which had lapsed, including a monthly market in Kelso and a monthly market in Coldstream, which would fall at alternate fortnightly intervals to each other. An annual Wool Market in July was also establish at Kelso, and in 1828 a Sale of Tupps was instigated. From 1828 the annual exhibition was to be held on alternate years at either Kelso or Coldstream. The Society was still active in 1974.
Corporate NameBorder Union Agricultural Society
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