Person NameBraw Lads' Gathering
ActivityThe Braw Lads' Gathering was inagurated on 28 June 1930 and has been celebrated in June ever since. The celebration commemorates several events in the history of the town of Galashiels, including: the presentation of Ettrick Forest to Margaret Tudor as a dowry for her marriage to King James IV, which was firstly symbolised by the cutting of a sod of turf and collecting a stone at Torwoodlee House, but is now represented by the presentation of red and white roses by the Braw Lass; the Braw Lad carries the Burgh Flag and leads the mounted cavalcade to Netherdale for a ceremony at the Raid Stane where the Braw Lass presents the Braw Lad with a sprig of Plum, which commemorates the rout, in 1337, of a band of English soldiers whilst they were eating plums; the Main Cavalcade rides the burgh boundaries as a re-enactement of riding the Marches; officials of the Executive Council and the President of the Braw Lads' Gathering meet the Laird of Gala and exchange a parchment marking the election of the town to Burgh of Barony status in 1599; at the War Memorial the Braw Lad, whilst mounted, dips the Burgh Flag and a period of silence is observed to show respect to the fallen of the two World Wars.
Corporate NameBraw Lads' Gathering
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