Person NameLilliesleaf Parish Church; 1110-
ActivityThe first Lilliesleaf Parish Church was erected at or near the site of the present church in 1110. The earliest minister for which there is a name is Huchtred the Priest of Lillesclive in 1159. Another church was built on the site of the first in 1430, which was 'thatched with broom and repaired with straw'. The Roman Catholic faith was abandoned in 1560, and the first post-Reformation minister was Thomas Dunkesoun in 1568. The present building was erected in 1771. The manse was built and a wall was erected around the churchyard during the ministry of David Baxter, 1816-1842. In November 1849 a stove-pipe which ran behind the pulpit overheated and set the roof on fire. During the ministry of Robert Blackstock, the church was repaired and refurbished, a bell-tower was erected, hot-water-pipe heating was installed, and the church was re-opened in 1883. In 1901 the church acquired an 'American Organ', and in 1910 an apse was installed, along with new furnishings. New heating was installed in 1913. In 1929 the General Assembly decided to sell the Church and Manse belonging to the Congregation at Ashkirk and combine the two congregations, with the income of the proceeds to be applied to the Lilliesleaf buildings and to other ecclesiastical buildings of the Presbytery of Hawick.
Corporate NameLilliesleaf Parish Church
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