Person NameYetholm Parish Militia Club; 1820-
ActivityYetholm Parish Militia Club was established at a meeting in May 1820, by persons who were liable for the regular Militia of Scotland who wanted to raise funds for the procuring of substitutes to serve instead of any members of the club who were balloted to serve. Men only ceased to be liable to serve if they left the parish, became 45, or otherwise became unfit to serve. On leaving the club they were entitled to claim an equal share of the funds of the club, excluding 5% which was to left in the club funds. A President and Treasurer/Clerk were elected and a Committee of 9 members was formed. The first ballot to fill the deficiency in the Dumfries Regiment of the Militia occurred in October of that year, when replacments were sought for two men who had already been sent as substitutes by Yetholm but who had deserted.
Corporate NameYetholm Parish Militia Club
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