Person NameEtterick Mill, Selkirk; 1835-1998; spinning and weaving mill
Epithetspinning and weaving mill
ActivityEttrick Mill, Selkirk, was first built in 1835 by James and Henry Brown, and was doubled in size in 1850. James Brown died in 1852 and, after Henry's death in 1860, the firm was carried on by his sons until 1883. The mill, which had 11 carding sets and 150 power looms and was powered by 3 water wheels and steam engines, was bought by the Scottish Co-operative Society (SCWS) to produced Scotch tweeds. In 1949 it was rented to D K Colledge to spin carpet yarns, as well as their weaving business, and in 1960 Colledge purchased the building. In 1962, following trading problems with America, they ceased to produce cloth, and that same year David College died. In 1972 his sons, William and James, took over management of the yarn spinning and in 1980 Ettrick and Yarrow Spinners' work was transferred to Ettrick Mill. The mill closed in 1998.
Corporate NameEtterick Mill, Selkirk
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