Person NameYarrow and Ettrick Pastoral Society; 1906-
ActivityThe Yarrow and Ettrick Pastoral Society was formed following a meeting in 1906, its purpose was to organise an annual show of sheep and cattle. The district that it covered included the two valleys of Yarrow and Ettrick, down to Selkirk. Various local gentlemen were proposed as patrons of the society, including the Duke of Buccleuch, the Earl of Wemyss and the Earl of Dalkeith. The Society was administered by a committee of members from both Yarrow and Ettrick, and five members of the committee, inclusive of office bearers, formed a quorum. Subscriptions were to be paid upon joining and money prizes were offered for the various classes in the show. By the 75th Annual Show the objects of the society had expanded to include the improvement of animal husbandry, the advancement of agricultural knowledge, and the encouragement of efficiency in home-baking, butter-making and handicrafts.
Corporate NameYarrow and Ettrick Pastoral Society
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