Person NameGalashiels Joint Stock Reed Company; 1843-
ActivityThe Galashiels Joint Stock Reed Company was founded in 1843 by the Manufacturers of Galashiels Corporation to ensure a stock of weavers reeds. The capital stock of the company was originally to be £280, made up of shares of £5 each to be paid for by means of subscriptions, from which would be purchased a stock of reeds. There were to be quarterly meetings and an annual general meeting to conduct the business of the company. A committee was to be chosen each year and a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary elected. They were to appoint and pay someone to look after the reeds and manage the business of the company. Dividends and profits made by the sale of the reeds were to be distributed in the form of dividends.The company was still active in 1870.
Corporate NameGalashiels Joint Stock Reed Company
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