Person NameElliot; Walter (1934-); local historian, writer
Epithetlocal historian, writer
ActivityWalter Elliot (b 1934), was born in Selkirk and went to Kirkhope Primary School and Selkirk High School. From 1952-1954 he served with the 1st Battalion K O S B in Northern Ireland and then returned to live in Selkirk as a fencing contractor, woodcutter and sawmiller. Elliot became an assistant with Ettrick and Lauderdale Museum Service in 1987, until 1991, when he again became self-employed as a writer, translator, broadcaster and local historian, and occasional wood-cutter and furniture-maker. His publications include articles on local history, poetry and plays, and transcriptions/ translations of mediavel Latin/Scots. He has contributed to both TV and radio broadcasts.
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