Person NameGalashiels Arts Club; 1946-
ActivityGalashiels Arts Club was founded on 6 December 1946. For the first two years it organised concerts and recitals in conjunction with the Arts Council. In January 1949 Old gala House was purchased to be used as an Arts Centre. A syndicate of local people temporarily lent the money until the funds could be raised and, on being paid back, they donated a sum to be used as a Fabric Fund which could be topped up with local fundraising which was also required to top up the normal running expenses which come from membership fees and room letting. The club was then in a position to stage major events like Arts Festivals and pantomimes. Members also contribute through voluntary practical work like decorating.In 1957 the Club was administered by an executive committee which consisted of a representative from each of the affiliated societies, representatives from the Town Council and the Education Committee and special members elected for their interest in the Arts Club. The Club is still active.
Corporate NameGalashiels Arts Club
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