Person NameGala Cricket Club; 1853-
ActivityGala Cricket Club first met in 1853, with the first recorded match being played at Selkirk. The Laird of Gala presented the the town with land beside the Abbotsford Road for a cricket ground and public park. In 1873 the Club had to go to the Sheriff Court to defend the rights of the club against those who wished to use it for foot racing (which had a lot of betting attatched to it). In 1879, there were several letters to the press concerning the unsatisfactory state of the pitch and that it was considered too small. In 1882, land was obtained at Mossilee which was returfed and the new field, which had plenty of room for spectators, was opened in 1882, and at a game in 1883 there were 800 watching the match. During the period of the First World War the ground was kept up by volunteers and several war charity matches were played by veterans, and normal matches resumed in 1919. The Club always appears to have had to rely on a fundraising committee to raise money for repairs and to replace equipment.
Corporate NameGala Cricket Club
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