Person NameGalashiels Volunteers' Hall Company Ltd; 1873-1969
ActivityThe first meeting of the Directors was held in December, 1873, with the first Ordinary General Meeting of the Galashiels Volunteers' Hall Company Ltd held in January, 1874, at the Corn Exchange, Galashiels. The Galashiels Volunteers' Hall was built in 1874 and cost £3,500. Shares in the company were to cost 5/- per share, with early purchasers allowed a discount of 6d per share. The Hall was then rented out for various community events (Dances; Good Templars; Horticultural Society; Bazaars and Concerts etc) and after deductions for the expenses of running and maintaining the hall were deducted, the share-holders were paid a dividend. The Company went into voluntary liquidation and was wound up in November 1969.
Corporate NameGalashiels Volunteers' Hall Company Ltd
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