CollectionABDUA University of Aberdeen, Human Culture Collection
Object Namedoll
Object NumberABDUA:8955
Other NumberE219
Other Number Typeold number
Brief Descriptionsmall bone (phalanx - probably of deer) with cloth and wool tied round it. This doll has brown cloth wrapped around it.. Old Label - "Used by Lengua Indian children. Presented by Dr. J.W. Lindsay, Paraguay 1909"
DimensionsL: 40mm, W: 18mm
Materialsbone, cloth, wool
Associated Object NumberABDUA:8954, ABDUA:8956
Object Production Date1909
Place KeySouth America, Paraguay, Chaco
Publication NoteReid, R W (1912) Illustrated Catalogue of the Anthropological Museum, University of Aberdeen, p274
Aquisition SourceLindsay, Dr J W
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