CollectionABDUA University of Aberdeen, Human Culture Collection
Object NameLid
Object NumberABDUA:61955
Brief DescriptionCircular lid, decorated with various symbols and eblems, 8 images in total on top of lid along side square pyramid shape in middle with circle on top. Small spiral patterns adorn the edge all around.
The surface of the lid has a central step pyramid shape decoration with 4 steps. A circular indentation occupy the surface of the top of the pyramid which is surrounded by eight different motifs in bas relief including Fish, wheel and shell. The side of the lid is decorated with spiral motifs and has a small circular perforation probably for a chain to secure attachment to the main vessel.
DimensionsD: 127mm H: 35mm
Materialsmetal, Copper alloy
Place KeyAsia, Tibet
Field CollectorMacdonald, James R L, General Sir
Aquisition SourceMacdonald, James R L General Sir
Aquisition Date15/04/1905
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