CollectionABDUA University of Aberdeen, Human Culture Collection
Object NameTin opener
can opener
Object NumberABDUA:5820
Other NumberE58+2; E64M
Other Number TypeSlip catalogue; MacGregor 1912 catalogue
Brief DescriptionTin-opener, large double cutter at one end of wooden handle, and single leaf-shaped cutter at other end, both inserted and fixed with copper/brass(?) collar
DimensionsL: 292mm, W: 49mm
Materialsmetal, iron, copper, brass, wood
Object Production Date1850-1875
Place KeyNorth America, Canada, Arctic, Nunavut, Ellesmere Island North Grant Land (site of English camp)
Place CoordinatesLat 82 deg 34 min N
Place Coordinates TypeLat/Long
Association Type Placefindspot
Associated PersonPeary, Edward (1906 expedition)
Associated OrganisationArctic Expedition 1876
Field CollectorMacgregor, Sir Bartlett Capt William
Publication NoteLEMUR database; Reid, R W (1912) Catalogue of Specimens deposited by Sir William MacGregor in the Anthropological Museum, University of Aberdeen (1899-1909) Item 64M, p6
Aquisition SourceMacGregor, Sir William
Aquisition Date01/01/1908
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