CollectionABDUA University of Aberdeen, Human Culture Collection
Object NameWatch
Object NumberABDUA:15869
Other NumberA388+12
Other Number Typeold number
Brief DescriptionSilver watch, oblong octagon in shape. Designed to have only one pointer. Dial plate has a pastoral scene with houses, outside case decorated with designs which include branches of trees. Said to have been John Knox's watch, presented to him by Queen Mary, and handed down as an heirloom
DimensionsL: 38 mm W: 29 mm
Materialsmetal, silver
Associated Object NumberLEMUR:1000317
MakerForfaict, N
Object Production Date1600-1700
Place KeyEurope, Scotland, Banchory House, Banchory Devenick, Kincardineshire
Association Type Placeowner
Associated PersonKnox, John
Field CollectorThomson, Mr Alexander
Inscription ContentN Forfaict a Paris
Publication NoteLEMUR database; (MS) Catalogue of Thomson of Banchory Museum (Catalogue of Miscellaneous articles as arranged in Old Museum, 1847-48), pp2-5; University of Aberdeen, Museum Report, 1951-1952.
CaptionSlip.catalogue: "'John Knox's Watch - traditionally regarded as having been presented to him by Queen Mary. It is of silver, in the form of an oblong octagon, the shape known as a Nurnberg egg: 11/2 ' long, 1 1/5' broad, and was made by 'N. Forfaict a Paris.' It has only one pointer. On the dial-plate is represented a pastoral scene with houses; on the outside case are branches of trees and other similar designs. It has been preserved in the family of the late Mr Thomson of Banchory, who was descended from one of Knox's daughters, and was presented by him to the Senatus of the Free Church College, Aberdeen.' (Free Church College is Christ's College whose museum contents were presented to the museum in 1952.) Note: - See letter from the British Museum (in John Knox's Watch File) dated 02.03.1959 where it is stated that it is unlikely that the watch by N. Norfaict could be old enough to have been given by Mary Queen of Scots to John Knox."
Aquisition SourceChrist's College, Aberdeen (Christ Church Museum)
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