Person NameMalcolm; Sir; Charles (1782-1851); Superintendent of the Bombay Marine
EpithetSuperintendent of the Bombay Marine
ActivityCharles Malcolm was born in Dumfriesshire in 1782, younger brother of Sir John (1769 - 1833, Governor of Bombay) and Sir Pulteney (1768 - 1838, Admiral). He was technically in the Royal Navy from 1791 but actually joined in 1795. He was promoted Lieutenant in 1799. In 1803 he returned home as acting Captain of the ‘Eurydice’, only to find that he had been promoted Captain the previous year. He was active in the Napoleonic Wars and in 1813 headed for the West Indies and Brazil. He was invalided in 1819 and knighted in 1823, but in 1827 was appointed superintendent of the Bombay Marine. Arriving in Bombay in 1828 he set about reform of the service, overseeing its renaming in 1830, when it became the Indian Navy, and expanding its duties to include survey work as well as coastal policing. He was a popular and successful commander. He was promoted Rear Admiral in 1837, around the time he left Bombay, and Vice Admiral in 1847. Retiring to England, he was active in the Royal Geographical Society and charities, and died in Brighton in 1851.
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