Person NameRutherford family; family
ActivityThe name Rutherford (Rutherfurd) is one of the oldest in Scotland and accounts of the name date from the 12th century. The first Rutherfords of Hunthill originated when Robert Rutherfurd of Chatto was granted lands in the west part of Scraisburgh, commonly known as Hunthill, Roxburghshire, and his descendents were known as the Rutherfords of Hunthill. The first Lord Rutherford, Andrew Rutherford, son of William Rutherford of Wrightslands, was created in 1661 in recognition of his successful army career. He was created Earl of Teviot in 1663. He named as his heir Thomas Rutherford of Hunthill and on the latter's death in 1668, the title passed to his brothers. After the death of Robert, 4th Lord Rutherford in 1724 the title was contested and later became dormant. Before his death Robert had already disposed Hunthill to Thomas Rutherford of Wells.
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