Person NameMothe-Fenelon; Francois de Salignac de (1651-1715); priest and educationalist
ForenamesFrancois de Salignac de
Epithetpriest and educationalist
ActivityFrancois de Salignac de Mothe-Fenelon was born in France in 1651. Soon after his ordination in 1676 he became Superior of the Nouvelles Catholics, a group of Protestant women converted to the Catholic faith. He quickly gained a reputation as a successful counsellor and educationalist and was given the job of educating Louis XIV's grandson, the Duc de Bourgogne. In 1693 he was elected to the Academie Francaise and in 1695 he was appointed Archbishop of Cambrai. Fenelon's writings became very influential but his support of Quietism and the condemnation of one of his books by the Pope led him to be banished from court and he died in relative obscurity in 1715.
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