Person NameSt. Machar's Cathedral, Aberdeen; 1150-
ActivitySt Machar’s Cathedral, Aberdeen was said to have been founded by St Machar, who came to Scotland from Ireland as a disciple of Columba in c 561. The Cathedral stands by the River Don in Old Aberdeen. Documentary evidence for the existence of the Cathedral in Old Aberdeen extends as far back as the mid- 12th century. The bulk of the present building is 14th century but it has undergone many changes and restorations. These include work by Bishop William Elphinstone (1431 - 1514) who founded King’s College, and by Bishop Gavin Dunbar (Bishop 1518 - 1531), to whom is attributed the famous painted heraldic ceiling. St Machar's suffered some damage during the seventeenth century and during the nineteenth century was gutted to be laid out with a central pulpit, with pews and lofts facing it. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century some restoration was undertaken involving George Gilbert Scott (1811 - 1878). A communion table was once more set up at the chancel end, the pulpit moved to the side, and the pews set out in straight lines facing east. The curtain wall which had been raised at the east end as a temporary structure during early rebuilding was pierced with a fine stained glass window, and the Cathedral has changed little since.
Corporate NameSt. Machar's Cathedral, Aberdeen
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