Person NameBaxter; Andrew (1686-1750); teacher and author
Epithetteacher and author
ActivityAndrew Baxter was born in Aberdeen around 1686 and educated at King’s College, Aberdeen. Most of his life was spent as tutor to several noblemen’s sons. From 1741 to 1747 he lived abroad in Utrecht. His philosophical works include 'Histor' which was a dialogue defending Newton and Clarke against Leibnitz, and which, although offered for publication in 1747, was never published; 'Matho, Sive Cosmotheoria Puerilis' (1740); 'Enquiry into the Nature of the Human Soul' (c 1733); and 'The Evidence of Reason in Proof of the Immortality of the Soul' (published posthumously in 1779). He died in 1750.
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