Person NameCant; Andrew (1590-1663); army chaplain
Epithetarmy chaplain
ActivityAndrew Cant may have been born in the last decade of the sixteenth century. He was licensed as a minister, but was not appointed to two parishes in Edinburgh because the king did not support him. He was appointed to Pitsligo parish in Aberdeenshire in 1633 and joined efforts to persuade the people of Aberdeenshire to support the covenants and renounce episcopacy. Aberdeen was, however, strongly opposed to this view, and the movement was unsuccessful. He moved to the parish of Newbattle, Midlothian, in 1639 and two years later became a chaplain to the covenanting army. Some sources say that he had originally been a soldier, and he certainly accompanied this army on campaign: he showed great bravery in defending his royalist opinions in the face of a personal attack by Cromwell’s officers during the English Civil War. By that time he had returned to Aberdeen, and he died there in 1663.
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