Person NameBaron; Robert (1593-1639); minister and professor of Divinity
Epithetminister and professor of Divinity
ActivityRobert Baron was born c 1593. He was minister at Keith, Moray, and Professor of Divinity at St Salvator’s College, St Andrews in 1619. By 1621 he had become Professor of Divinity at Marischal College, Aberdeen and minister at Greyfriars Church, Aberdeen. He received his D.D. degree in 1627. In 1639, he fled to England with other Aberdeen doctors upon the approach of the Earl of Montrose (1612-1650) but died later the same year. His publications include 'Philosophia theologicae ancillans' (1621), 'Disputatio theologica de formali objecto fidei, hoc est, de sacrae scripturae divina et canonica authoritate' (1627) and 'Disputatio theologia de vero discrimine peccati mortalis et venialis' (1633).
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