CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Alt Ref NoDSO
TitleMaterial relating to other dietary surveys and nutritional experiments
Extent32 boxes; 17 files; 123 items
Administrative HistoryFor more information see:
Family Diet and Health in Pre-War Britain: A Dietary and Clinical Survey (Report to the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust from the Rowett Research Institute, 1955)
ArrangementDSO - Material relating to other dietary surveys, nutritional experiments etc.

DSO/1 - Ministry of Food wartime diet studies c.1942 - 1943
DSO/2 - Dietary study booklets - Surrey, Essex, Ely, Wales, South Wales 1937 - 1938
DSO/3 - Data sheets of physical measurements 1919-1929
DSO/4 - Dietary study booklets - Glasgow and Blantyre 1941
DSO/5 - British Aluminium Company dietary study 1939
DSO/6 - Strathcona House dietary study 1938
DSO/7 - Dollar Academy dietary study 1938
DSO/8 - Guisachan PT Summer School dietary study 1938
DSO/9 - Airlie Training Centre dietary study 1930s
DSO/10 - Eton School nutritional study 1937
DSO/11 - Gordounston School dietary survey 1937
DSO/12 - Tables analysing dietary composition 1930s
DSO/13 - SSAC Heavy Industry Surveys 1941-1943
DSO/14 - Spinal survey photographs and statistics
DSO/15 - Survey records on vision tests 1938
DSO/16 - Aberdeen and Peterhead household nutrition tests 1932
DSO/17 - Milk campaign dietary survey 1927-1928
DSO/18 - English schoolboys height and weight survey 1936-1938
DSO/19 - Reports and analysis Carnegie and Ministry of Food surveys 1937 - 1947
DSO/20 - Ministry of Food survey 1941
DSO/21 - Physical measurements of Scottish children 1950s
DSO/22 - Ilkley, West Yorkshire family diet sheets mid-20th century
DSO/23 - Military and Service camps dietary surveys 1935 - 1941
Access StatusRestricted
Access ConditionsSome records contain personal information and may be closed for 75 (for adults) and 100 (for children 16 and under) years under the Data Protection Act (1998).
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