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TitleCarnegie Dietary Survey papers
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Administrative HistoryMajor work took place between 1937 and 1939 and was sponsored by the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust. It involved a comprehensive study involving clinical examinations of 4000 children from over 1300 families across Scotland, England and Wales. It related standards of dietary adequacy in terms of energy, protein, calcium and vitamin A, drawn up by the Rowett, to what was actually consumed. The survey re-informed the view that many of the people were nutritionally deficient and the results of the survey provided the basis and framework for rationing based upon nutritional need during World War Two. The dietary surveys were so comprehensive that they still provide an accurate source of research information today and there have been recent follow-up studies by the so called 'Boyd-Orr Cohort' based at the University of Bristol.

For more information see:
Family Diet and Health in Pre-War Britain: A Dietary and Clinical Survey (Report to the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust from the Rowett Research Institute, 1955)
ArrangementDSC - Carnegie Dietary Survey papers

DSC/1 - Records and papers
DSC/2 - Correspondence and test results
DSC/3 - Haemoglobin data
DSC/4 - Methodology and analysis papers
DSC/5 - Expenditure group analysis sheets
DSC/6 - Childrens' physical data
DSC/7 - Additional material
DSC/8 - Aberlour Carnegie Survey papers and results
DSC/9 - School meals survey
DSC/10 - Statistical material on income and expenditure (not food)
DSC/11 - Booklets and notes recording costs of food
DSC/12 - Papers on the establishment and analysis of survey
DSC/13 - Godden's tables based on LON/RRI requirements
DSC/14 - Committee meetings and reports
DSC/15 - Microfilms
DSC/16 - Follow-up by Bristol University papers
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Access ConditionsSome records contain personal information and may be closed for 75 (for adults) and 100 (for children 16 and under) years under the Data Protection Act (1998). Except Follow-up of Carnegie Dietary Survey by Bristol University papers (MSU 1451/8/16).
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