CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoUNIVERSITY 1437/2/3/65
TitleSlide showing six diagrams of 'gills of various Terebellids.'
DateLate 19th to early 20th century
Extent1 slide
DescriptionSlide shows six black and white diagrams of 'gills of various Terebellids.' (Terebellidae is a family of polychaete worms).
The diagrams are labelled 'A' to 'F'
Diagram 'F' has further labelling 'm', 'g' and 't' which are explained in the key.
Title below images reads:
'Fig. 176 - Gills of various Terebellids. x4. A, Amphitrite johnstoni Mgrn; B, Terebella nebulosa Mont.; C. T, conchilega Pall,; D Nicolea Mgrn.(the finer branches are not indicated); E. Pista Mgrn.; F, Terebellides Sars (after Malmgren), g, Gill; m, mouth; t, tentacles.'
Access StatusOpen
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