CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoUNIVERSITY 1437/2/3/11
TitleSlide showing diagram of a 'Sabellaria alveolata.'
DateLate 19th to early 20th century
Extent1 Slide
DescriptionSlide shows diagram of a 'Sabellaria alveolata.'
Diagram is labelled and explained in the following key:
Fig. 135 - Sabellaria alveolata L. ventral view of anterior region, x10. a, Notopodial cirrus; b, notopodium; c, neuropodium; ch, peristomial chaetae; d, neuropodial cirrus; m, mouth; P, multifid palp (gill filaments); P', ridges after removal of gill filaments; s, ventral (tubiparous) gland shield; T, tentacle; I, hood formed by peristomium; II to VI, following segments.'
Sabellaria alveolata: honeycomb worm.
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