CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoUNIVERSITY 1437/1/6/26
TitleSlide showing two diagrammatical drawings of the feet of 'Galago crassicaudatus' (Thick-tailed Bushbaby).
DateLate 19th - early 20th century
Extent1 slide
DescriptionSlide shows two diagrammatical drawings of the feet of of 'Galago crassicaudatus' (Thick-tailed Bushbaby). The nocturnal Galagos are small primates native to continental Africa.
First image label reads 'Fig. 10 - Palmar surface of the right manus of Galago crassicaudatus'.
Second image label reads 'Fig. 11 - Plantar surface of the right foot of Galago crassicaudatus'.
Both diagrams are labelled with Roman numerals without corresponding explanation.
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