CollectionGB 3380 Scottish Catholic Archives, Historic Archives
Ref NoSCA SK/5/15
TitleFoundation of seminary
Date30 Aug 1736-10 Aug 1737
Extent1 item
Description'Fundatio et constitutiones perpetuae seminarii Scoticae Nationis S Jacobi Ratisbonae', 30 Aug 1736 (ff2-4) (Latin); 'Fundatio Duorum Missionariorum Schwaigeriana zu Vilshoven' [extract of will of George Christopher Schweiger], 3 May 1729 (f5) (German); 'Ut autem Posteri sciant' [foundation of seminary by Bishop of Eichstatt, 17 Jan 1714-18 Jan 1714 (f7) (Latin) (copy) (see 'Reclamations' LXI); 'Donatio seu Fundatio Bavarica', Elector Maximillian II Emanuel (Munich), 16 Jan 1717 (f8) (Latin) (copy) (see 'Reclamations' LX); 'Beneficia et Munera' and 'Donatio inter Vivos' [donations to the seminary by Bishop Godfrey Langwert, 1718-1723], 10 Aug 1737 (Latin and German respectively) (see 'Reclamations' LVII-LVIII)
Access StatusOpen
LanguageLatin; German
CopiesSome sections are copies
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