CollectionGB 3380 Scottish Catholic Archives, Historic Archives
TitleSchottenkloester (Scots Benedictine Abbeys in Germany)
Date1177-late 19th cent
Extent16 boxes, 22 volumes
DescriptionThis section consists of the following material:-

1 Pre-1515 monastic material
2 Pre-1515 non monastic material
3 Ratisbon, 1515-1672
4 Abbot Placid Fleming period, 1672-1719
5 Abbots Stuart and Baillie, 1719-1743
6 Abbots Bernard Stuart, Gallus Leith, Arbuthnot, 1743-1817
7 Ratisbon, 1827-1855
8 Historical manuscripts, 1722-1845
9 Monasticum Scoticanum
10 Transcripts of Monasticum Scoticanum
11 Transcripts of Monasticum Scoticanum
12 Monasticum Scoticanum: Brockies notes and transcripts
13 Monastery of St James, Wurzburg
Access StatusOpen
Closed Until01/01/2011
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