CollectionGB 3380 Scottish Catholic Archives, Historic Archives
Ref NoSCA LS/11/3
TitleScottish music
Date[18th cent]
Extent0.01m; 1 vol
Creator Name[Bishop Hugh McDonald]
DescriptionScots songs and fiddle tunes
1. O' a' the airts the win' can blow [words by Burns]
2. Roy's wife of Alldivaloch
3. Kenmure's och and awa
4. MacGriagour ...
5. The H? of glen
6. A Highland lad my love was born [from Rob Roy]
7. O my love's like the red red rose [from Rob Roy]
8. My Nannie o' [Burns]
9. From thee, Eliza, I must go
10. [Unidentified end of a piece]
11. The braes of Yarrow
12. Wandering Willie
13. Aridh na un'ladan (The glen of la?.)
14. Mari bhan ogg (Mary young and fair)
15. Madain chicur Chweitsuir (Sweet May morning)
16. Toman nan gamhna (?)
17. Mo nighean dhudh na treig mi (Black laird ? do not forsake me)
18. Gach tinneas ach goah (Each ailment but love)
19. Bothwell castle
20. That ye wha ...
21. Blue bonnets over the border
22. Se'n' Biogh a tha aguin isfiar lina (Wha'll be ?)
23. Gun duine aig a bhaile
24. Callum a ghlinne (Malcom of the glen)
25. Helen Budhglais (Helen bougbass or The lady of the lake)
26. The flowers of the forest
27. Lochaber
28. The yellow hair'd laddie
29. The eve ?
30. A Bhanarach dhonn a chruidh
31. I canna like be gentle ...
32. O' if I were where ...
33. There grows a ? brier bush
34. My Tocher's the jewel
35. What ails this heart o' mine
36. The brae's o' Killiecrankie
37. O' wert thou in the cauld blast
38. Dinna ask me ?
39. The maid of Glenconnel
40. The Highland widows lament
41. ...
42. The (.)iller house
43. The Boatie rows
44. A Highland quick step
45. A quick step
46. Mr Macdonald's...
47. [Unidentified piece]
48. [Unidentified piece]
49. Awa, Whigs, awa
50. Auld Robin Gray
51. There's three good fellows ayont you glen
52. Blue Bonnets
53. O can ye sew cushions
54. Charlie, ye are welcome
55. I'm o'er young to marry yet
56. O Bonnie lassie come over the burn
57. For the lack of Gold
58. Miss Forbes' farewell to Banff
59. Tweedside
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