CollectionGB 3380 Scottish Catholic Archives, Historic Archives
Alt Ref NoB-GH, B-JG, B-JK and B-GI.
Extent15 boxes
DescriptionThis consists of the following sections:-

1 [B-GH] Bishop George Hay, Lowland Vicariate 1729-1811
Theology; Philosophy; loose notes; Bishop Kyle's transcripts; biographical material; printed material

2 [B-JG] Bishop John Geddes, Lowland Vicariate 1735-1799
Autobiographical material; Scottish Mission; theological material; miscellaneous; published works and secondary material

3 Bishop Alexander Cameron, Lowland Vicariate 1747-1828
Spanish affairs; French affairs; Scottish mission; historical and miscellaneous material; biographical material

4 Bishop Alexander Paterson, Eastern Vicariate 1766-1831
Letter books; sermons; 'De Actibus Humanis'; 'De Peccatis et Gratia'; 'De Baptismi'; Glenlivet communicants; miscellaneous notes

5 [B-JK] Bishop James Kyle, Northern Vicariate 1788-1869
Personal papers; financial papers; student notes and sermons; historical and miscellaneous documents

6 [B-GI] Bishop James Gillis, Eastern Vicariate 1802-1864
Correspondence to Bishop Gillis; draft letters by Bishop Gillis; personal papers; compilations; student notes; sermons; printed pamphlets
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