CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 998/18
TitleVolume of music MS
Extent1 volume
DescriptionVolume of music MS; bound in boards with red leather spine which requires repair; 15 x 19.5cm, 64ff.; endorsed on flyleaf 'Henry Noltie 1815'; contains music of strathspeys, reels, jigs, etc by W. Mitchell, Niel Gow, D. Mackintyre, J. Bowie and unnamed composers and music of 'Rule Britannia', 'Blue Bell of Scotland', 'Hearts of Oak' and other well-known pieces; the first 81 items on folios 1-21 are numbered, the remainder are scattered over the rest of the folios; the titles and composers, where given, are as follows:

ff. 1-21
1. Haughton's Welcome Home, by William Mitchell;
2. The New Bridge of Alford, by William Mitchell;
3. Breda's Favourite, by William Mitchell;
4. The Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling;
5. Bridge of Alford, by William Mitchell;
6. Dumfries House;
7. John Roy Stewart;
8. Lenox's love to Blantyre;
9. Dainty Davie;
10. The Earl of Moira's Welcome to Scotland 'by ... D. Mackintyre ...';
11. Off she Goes;
12. Miss Admiral Gordon's Strathspey;
13. Struan Robertson's Rant;
14. Brechen Castle;
15. The Whigs of Fife;
16. Miss Drummond of Perth's Strathspey, by Niel Gow;
17. Athole Brose, or Niel Gow's Favourite Strathspey;
18. The Dutches of Athole's Strathspey, by Niel Gow;
19. Thro' the Moor she ran;
20. Ball na Grandach, or, Miss Lucia Campbell's Strathspey;
21. McVicars Strathspey, by Nath. Gow;
22. Torry Burn;
23. O'er Bogie wi' my love;
24. The carle he came o'er the craft wi his beard new shaven;
25. Niel Gow's Strathspey;
26. The Bog of Gight;
27. 'The Mason's Aperone';
28. The Millar of Drone, by Nath. Gow;
29. The high road to Linton;
30. Sucky bids me;
31. The Haggis o' Dunbar;
32. Lady McIntosh's Reel, or, For a' that and a' that;
33. The braes of Marr;
34. The White Cockade;
35. The green tree;
36. Niel Gow's Wife;
37. Merrily danced the Quakers wife;
38. The Swallow;
39. The banks of Allan;
40. Thro' the warld wou'd I gae wi the lad I like;
41. Morgan Ratler;
42. Mother Goose;
43. Tekeli;
44. Jack's alive;
45. Mr Drummond younger of Perth's Strathspey by John Bowie;
46. Miss Farquharson of Invercauld's Strathspey;
47. [No entry for this];
48. Miss Barbara Stewart;
49. Miss Clementina Stewart's Strathspey;
50. This is no my ain house;
51. Lady Catharine Stewart's Strathspey, or, The Haughs of Cromdale;
52. Dunkeld Hermitage, by Niel Gow;
53. The drunken wives of Fochabers;
54. The Caledonian Hunt, by Sir Alexander Don;
55. 'Kilecrankie', or, 'Had ye been whar I hae been, ye wadna be sa canty';
56. The ewe wi' the crooked Horn;
57. 'Ile na' Boddachin A Galic Air';
58. Roy's wife;
59. & 81. Lady Shaftsbury's Strathspey by Nath. Gow;
60. The prime of life;
61. The triumph;
62. [Two blank staves left on f. 16v. for this item but no music inserted];
63. Whistle o'er the lave o't;
64. Ye'll ay be welcome back again;
65. Duke of Perth's reel;
66. The Ranting Highland Man;
67. Tibby Fowler o' the glen;
68. Money in both pockets;
69. Rothemurchus's rant;
70. Hey to Couper;
71. Scots Bonnet;
72. A bonny lass to marry me;
73. The highland laddie;
74. O'er young to marry yet;
75. Hoble about;
76. Lady Ann Hope's Strathspey;
77. Lady Mary Ramsay;
78. Cameronian Rant;
79. O dear what can the matter be;
80. New Mill's House;
81. & 59. Lady Shaftsbury's Strathspey, by Nath. Gow.

ff. 22-24 Not used
f. 25 Paddy O Rafferty; Murphy Delaney
f. 26 Le Perrigordien
f. 27 I'll make you be fain to follow me; I love my love for she loves me; O as I was kiss'd yestreen
f. 28 [Now missing, traces of margin remain]
f. 29 My mither is aye glowren o'er me; Bung your eye; Juliana, a country dance
f. 30 Sodger laddie; O say bonny lass
ff. 31-34 Not used
f. 35 Lady Caroline Lee's Waltz;The Gloucester Waltz, a favourite country dance; Somebody;
f. 36 The Cuckoo, by Miss Casson; Little Birds sing cheerily; 'In the Mountainers'
ff. 37-51 Not used
f. 52 The Highland Watch, now the 42nd Regt. or Royal Highlanders - Strathspey; Nathaniel Gow's Lament for the death of his brother, by Nath. Gow.
f. 53 Niel Gow's Lamentation for James Moray Esq. of Abercarney, by Niel Gow; Lewis Gordon; Aldavaloch, or, O'er the moor among the heather
ff.54 Rule Britannia; The Blue Bell of Scotland; Hearts of Oak
ff. 55-59 Not used
ff. 60-61 'Shantruse, as danced by Mr Jenkins Scholars'
f. 61v. The Honny Moon
f. 62 Morgiana, by Miss Bouvrie; Drops of Whiskey; 'Hie Titti Teti. Tradition says that this tune was played when Robert Bruce led his troops to battle at Bannockburn'; Honest Duncan
f. 63 Gin a body meet a body; 'The maid that tends the goats. Supposed very ancient'; Sweet is the lass that dwells among heather; 'Joy gae wi' my love. A very old Highland Tune'
f. 64r. Notes for violin or string players - first to fourth orders or shifts; notes of key signatures
f. 64v. 'Good night and joy be wi' ye a'. this tune is play'd at the conclusion of every convivial dancing meeting throughout Scotland'.
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