CollectionGB 0231 University of Aberdeen, Special Collections
Ref NoMS 998/17
TitleVolume of music MS
Date18th century - 19th century
Extent1 volume
Description[Paper mark 1796.] Music MS, 20 x 13.5cm, 36ff., the first of which requires repair, sewn together; covers now missing; probably acquired by James Bruce Duncan from library of Gavin Greig; mentioned by William Walker in letter to James Bruce Duncan of 17 Febraury 1915 (MS 998/16/208); contains instrumental music scored for strings, including jigs, reels and strathspeys, with some versions of folk tunes and other music; no indication of provenance or authorship; contains:

ff. 1-3r. MS music; untitled
f. 3v. '2nd part Jigg'; 'The Diamond by R.M.'
f. 4r. 'Any bodies reel'
ff. 4v.-5r. 'Smith 3rd Duett'
f. 5v. 'Taguis ramble'; 'Lady Montgomery's reel, or, of she gaes by Ld. En.'
f. 6r. 'Great Mountain - Carolan'; 'Carle can ye hushel'
f. 6v. 'Greigs Strathspey' - violin part
f. 7r. 'Paddy o' rafferty'; 'Paddy O'connor'
ff. 7v.-9r. 'Burgis Duet Secondo for the Bass'
f. 9v. 'Rondo Nicoli'; 'Isabella O'Burk'
f. 10r. 'Fairy Queen - Carolan'; Voluntary
ff. 10v.-11r. Concerto
f. 11v.-12r. Second part to the 'Lake of Gold'
f. 12r. 'Off she goes - an Irish jig'; 'The original Lungo Lee - Irish'
ff. 12v.-13r. 'The Rising of the Lark - a favorite Welch Air'
ff. 13v.-14r. 'Up & war them a willie', with new variations by I.C. [? or J.C.]
ff. 14v.-15r. 'Old highland laddie'
ff. 15v.-17r. 'Burgis Duet' - second part for the bass
f. 17r. 'Wha would be King but Charlie'
ff. 17v.-18r. 'Cramers Rondo'
f. 18r. 'Nansy Dawson A Reel'
f. 18v. 'Pleyels rondo'
f. 19 Folio now torn out - marginal traces only
f. 20r. 'Bank'
ff. 20v.-21r. 'The celebrated Austrian March'
ff. 21v.-22r. 'Lord Moira's Strathspey'
ff. 22v. 'Of noble race was Skinkin'
f. 23r. 'Can du gilas' - bass part
f. 23v. 'Kummers of Westm......'; 'Miss Jessey Smith's Strathspey'
f. 24r. 'Taste life's glad moments - a German song'; 'Green grow the rashes'
ff. 24v.-25r. 'The Beggar Girl' - duet of which words are given
ff. 26v. 'Kitty O'Farrell' - Irish; 'Kenrara-Marshall'; bass part to 'Corellis Jigg'
f. 27r. How to vary passages, with examples
ff. 27v.-28r. 'What the Concerto wants'
ff. 28v.-29r. 'Hammilis 3d. Trio Basso'
ff. 29v.-35r. 'Kolzwara' - scored for various instruments or parts, with note 'This is the best Piece of Music I ever saw, for elegant composition, taste and feeling, light and shade, fire and fancy'.
ff. 35v.-36r. Bass fiddle part for 'Lady Cunningham'
f. 36v. 'Belfast Almanack or the seasons - Irish'; The Marquis highland fling'.
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